Sunday was Baby’s Day Out

Today I stole the baby, stuck him into a carrying sling, and trotted down the hill to pick up Sunday morning’s necessary items: The Sunday NY Times, the Sunday Washington Post, two bagels with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, and onions, and a cappucino.

It wasn’t a bad trip, and my daddy skills were in top form as I kept the baby quiet so I could return home and bring my take on what you should read of Sunday’s papers.

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Thank you, gods of Newborn Sleep

Oh thank you, gods of Newborn Sleep.  I take no credit for excellent parenting skills for having slept 7 1/2 hours last night.  I thank you.(Look for far fewer baby entries from here on out)

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Beautiful Birth, Wonderful Family

Life’s funny, eh?

On the morning of the 18th, shortly after posting my "Greetings From Ish’s Biggest Fan" comments, I spoke to a friend who asked when I thought the baby was coming.

After having said ‘any minute now’ for about a week, I realized that I’d gotten the due date wrong and there was little chance we’d be seeing the little one in person for a while. "Not today," I said.

Well. Now we can add "Batman Begins" to the list of labor accelerants. Who knew?

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Day 1: Baby Ground Zero

The first day has been wonderful, though neither of us has slept more
than a few hours.  Everyone took a morning nap and then BJ returned and
we all toasted our good fortune.  We used a bottle of port that Sarah
and I picked up on one of our first dates in Napa back in 2000.  We
were out there for New Year’s, and during a side trip to Napa we visited my favorite place in wine country, Prager Portworks.

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Happy Father’s Day

On Saturday night, after seeing the first 1/3rd of Batman Begins, Sarah began having 4 and 5 minute contractions.  We raced home to meet the midwives and the birth assistant.  After a breakneck labor of 4.5 hours without drugs, a good portion of it in the hot tub, Moishe Ben Imber Safdar was born at…

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Greetings from Ish’s biggest fan

Hola, friends and admirers of the Imber Safdar clan. My name is Bj and I will be your conduit for the next few weeks. As in, look for posts from me about the status of Ish’s big debut and updates on labor and arrival. During the hours of the blessed event, I’m honored to be…

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Results of 1,700 hands of $.5/$1

Since the beginning of June I’ve been aggressive about tracking my hands as I played $.50/$1 limit holdem, and I think my numbers are good, though my earning rate is a little low.  Here’s my analysis through the evening of June 15th.

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Scamming the scammers

A good friend, William, pointed me to a discussion board where people talk about lots of various types of scams.  While you might think it would be a great place to find gullible people, the stories are great. The one William specifically pointed me at was a sob story about an American in Nigeria who…

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