Day 1: Baby Ground Zero

The first day has been wonderful, though neither of us has slept more
than a few hours.  Everyone took a morning nap and then BJ returned and
we all toasted our good fortune.  We used a bottle of port that Sarah
and I picked up on one of our first dates in Napa back in 2000.  We
were out there for New Year’s, and during a side trip to Napa we visited my favorite place in wine country, Prager Portworks.

The portworks is the only one in Napa, and despite a probable lawsuit
with the port industry in Portugal in the WTO, I still love their
products.  We picked up several bottles of their Sweet Claire dessert
wine (2000 vintage) and have been carting it around ever since.  First
we toasted our birth family, Cheryl, BJ, Sarah, and myself.  Then
Katie, who’s headed for Peru for three months, came over.  I had
planned a bon voyage party for today for her, but we put a note on the
door cancelling it.  Katie came over and we finished off the bottle as
she told us about finishing her packing for Peru.

Since the recent decision about interstate wine shipments, you should be able to buy Prager ports over the web and have them shipped directly to your home, regardless of where in America you live.  I highly recommend them.