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Poor COVID-19 testing hampering treatment research

There’s no doubt that poor rollout of tests by the Trump Administration has made the pandemic worse, but it turns out it’s also retarding our ability to develop treatments. Researchers are trying to use blood plasma from patients who have had the coronavirus and recovered to treat currently infected patients …

21 days later

This graph really shows the broad spread of the virus in just 21 days. Modern life, with all its interconnectedness, certainly made us primed for a pandemic. I always thought it would be ebola, or maybe Spanish Influenza. I guess that last one was pretty close.

The Three Body Problem

Review haiku In the blackest night The smallest glowing campfire Invites predators. —- Do not call for help Not everyone who hears you Wants to offer it. — A perfectly good civilization, screwed by One disgruntled staff. — Like wizard’s true names If I know where you live I can …

A reading list for those suffering from fatalism

Why the reading list? The bibliography Why the reading list? My whole life, but especially since the election of Trump I have found myself periodically gripped by despair when it appears impossible to visualize much needed change in the world. Here are some examples: Twenty six and seven year old …