Roz Chast and Alison Bechdel memoirs


Roz Chast's "Can't we talk about something more pleasant" walks us through the end of her parents' life from the view of a sole caretaking daughter. Wills, DNRs, power of attorney, mobility issues, all of the problems that we all spend our lives trying to avoid thinking about and planning for come out in this beautiful memoir that had me crying even when the long anticipated death (spoiler?) of each parent finally arrives. If you're over 50, you absolutely have to read this.  Borrow from SFPL or buy at Green Apple Books.

Bechdel's body of work has cemented her as a master storyteller. Those familiar with her work might wonder if there's anything more to say when she's mined her life for some of the most touching graphic novel memoirs published in this generation. However this memoir of her lifelong relationship with exercise shows that for an observant, introspective, and talented storyteller there's always more to say, and what Bechdel has to say is compelling. Will cause you to reevaluate your own relationship with your body. Borrow from SFPL or buy at Green Apple Books.