Greetings from Ish’s biggest fan

Hola, friends and admirers of the Imber Safdar clan.

My name is Bj and I will be your conduit for the next few weeks. As in, look for posts from me about the status of Ish’s big debut and updates on labor and arrival.

During the hours of the blessed event, I’m honored to be a non-medical assistant around the ‘ol homestead. I’ll be managing dogs, cooking, clearing up and running interference while Sarah and Shabbir get on with the business of gifting us with a brand new human. (I have a feeling he’s got big plans, our Ish.)

I’ll also be posting here discreet, while artfully composed, photos to give you that ‘you were there’ experience. As Shabbir says, we’ll have photo ammo to embarrass Ish later in life, but nothing to embarrass Sarah right now!

Before we get to the main event, I’m available to answer questions and anxious “are we there yet?” inquiries. You can reach me at bjkt at innerstory dot com or bj at bjcounsels dot com.

Please join me in sending right-position-keeping, easier-than-anybody-might-have-thought labory and welcome-dear-boy, vibes Mom and Pop’s way.

Stay tuned!