Teach geometry in Minecraft

Following on the success of my teaching basic logic circuits in Minecraft, my son wanted another lesson, so I went with geometry. For each of the following two dimensional shapes, build them on a flat surface in minecraft out of any kind of block. ┬áCompute the perimeter and the area for each of these shapes.…

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June 3rd SF ballot

In the interest of provoking a thoughtful decision about my own votes (and yours) I’m posting my thoughts and recommendations for the upcoming election. ┬áBecause I live in a precinct with too few voters to have a poll, I vote by mail usually, so I have my ballot for weeks before the actual election. ┬áThat…

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Team Safdar: Live from the WSOP

Welcome to Team Safdar, Live from the Rio at the World Series of Poker 2006. We are Shabbir’s local support staff, and will be updating you throughout the day on Shabbir’s progress in Event #40, $1000 buyin NL Hold’em. For those of you who have somehow managed to secure secret video of the event, he…

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Beautiful Birth, Wonderful Family

Life’s funny, eh?

On the morning of the 18th, shortly after posting my "Greetings From Ish’s Biggest Fan" comments, I spoke to a friend who asked when I thought the baby was coming.

After having said ‘any minute now’ for about a week, I realized that I’d gotten the due date wrong and there was little chance we’d be seeing the little one in person for a while. "Not today," I said.

Well. Now we can add "Batman Begins" to the list of labor accelerants. Who knew?

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Greetings from Ish’s biggest fan

Hola, friends and admirers of the Imber Safdar clan. My name is Bj and I will be your conduit for the next few weeks. As in, look for posts from me about the status of Ish’s big debut and updates on labor and arrival. During the hours of the blessed event, I’m honored to be…

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