Scamming the scammers

A good friend, William, pointed me to a discussion board where people talk about lots of various types of scams.  While you might think it would be a great place to find gullible people, the stories are great.

The one William specifically pointed me at was a sob story about an American in Nigeria who has a mother with a store in another African country that has levied taxes on her, and she needs to pay it, blah blah blah.

This is where Sarah tells me I’m an unfeeling dolt, except for the fact that people IM her all day long.  Odds are good some of them are hunting for an easy mark.

Check out the Scam Victims United forum, and learn some new ways to fleece your friends.

Note, Joe Grossberg below pointed out that there are lots of great scam-baiters around and pointed at a few.  My favorite is this one where the scam-baiter actually sent a 60+ page questionnaire to the scammer in Ghana, and HE RETURNED IT FILLED OUT!

It’s hysterical.

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  1. Joe Grossberg on June 17, 2005 at 10:18 am

    The red tit prank by was probably the best I’ve seen so far:

    Lots of good stuff here: