Happy Father’s Day

On Saturday night, after seeing the first 1/3rd of Batman Begins, Sarah began having 4 and 5 minute contractions.  We raced home to meet the midwives and the birth assistant.  After a breakneck labor of 4.5 hours without drugs, a good portion of it in the hot tub, Moishe Ben Imber Safdar was born at 12:20am.  At least one stage of labor was 11 minutes long, and we almost missed it.

Img_4091He measured 20 3/4 inches and weighed 7 lbs 5 oz.  Mother and baby are resting, father is not.  We have more photos under password, so please call the house or our cellphones to say hello and get the password.   (that’s Sam on the right)

See you all soon.

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