Some photos missing, TypePad service is to blame

Some of my photo links are broken, because TypePad had a disk crash of some sort that they couldn’t recover from, and it turns out their backups either suck, or hadn’t run after I had uploaded the photos. Color me pissed.  Now I’ve got to spend time finding those photos.

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You know, it’s just tacky.

TbarAll day long I watch demos of other people’s products.  Demo demo demo.  In the process of sharing their desktop with my via Webex or Livemeeting, I see a lot of people’s desktops, and browsers, and occasionally their e-mail.

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Cell Phone Finder

A while ago I was asked by my friend Jennifer to help her find a Bluetooth phone to use with her carrier.  It wasn’t impossible to do, but the information was spread out in different places.  Knowing what phones I had available was only part of the puzzle, I then had to figure out such obscure things, such as, "Had Jennifer’s carrier crippled her Bluetooth stack?"  Using a combination of CNet and the carrier’s website, I dug up her answers.

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Steve Jobs and the incredibly shrinking customer base

By now you’ve seen the news that Apple is switching from IBM’s chips to Intel’s chips.

I’m sure there’s a great gnashing of teeth among many that he’s making a huge mistake, but I think it’s apparent that he’s made a distinct decision for the long-term benefit of Apple, though it has an implication he probably wasn’t expecting.


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