Cell Phone Finder

A while ago I was asked by my friend Jennifer to help her find a Bluetooth phone to use with her carrier.  It wasn’t impossible to do, but the information was spread out in different places.  Knowing what phones I had available was only part of the puzzle, I then had to figure out such obscure things, such as, "Had Jennifer’s carrier crippled her Bluetooth stack?"  Using a combination of CNet and the carrier’s website, I dug up her answers.

Nothing but good old hacker gossip will answer the very last question,
but now there’s an excellent tool for visualizing cellphone
availability, and I’m truly in awe.  The Cell Phone Finder shows you what phones go with what features, and lets you adjust your preferences to see your options.  This is truly an interface only possible with technology and the web for updating it.  What’s more, such an interface lives in an environment of meritocracy.  If the interface is truly useful, people will use it, generating ad impressions, which will compensate the author, and give he or she the motivation necessary to keep it up to date.

Truly amazing.  Check it out.   Cell Phone Finder