You know, it’s just tacky.

TbarAll day long I watch demos of other people’s products.  Demo demo demo.  In the process of sharing their desktop with my via Webex or Livemeeting, I see a lot of people’s desktops, and browsers, and occasionally their e-mail.

So it always shocks me when a salesman shows me their product, but doesn’t think to turn off the gazillion toolbar items that the browser has opened up.  Do they not think it’s distracting to their product for me to have to squint past the toolbars to see their product?  Do I really care what the weather is in their neck of the woods?  Do I need to know that they’re using and MySpace?

I think not.  Turn off the toolbars guys, it’s not nerd cred, it’s demo crud.

PS In case you’re wondering, we’ve decided to use the product whose demo I saw despite the toolbar pictured.


  1. Joe Grossberg on September 28, 2005 at 11:11 am

    Heh. It’s even worse when you see screenshots where the window titles in the taskbar say something embarrassing like “ Ent…”