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Live lobster – served as sashimi

I have seen god in the eyes of live lobster sashimi on my plate at Sushi Taro. It really freaked me out. The Handsome Chef of Sushi Taro, Imamoto, greeted me and explained the day’s specials. “Live lobster” was #1. “It is delicious, but very expensive.” I am undaunted. I …

Subway breakfast sandwiches

Did you know that Subway sells breakfast sandwiches?  Did you ever notice there’s never a line in a store in the morning to get one?  Do you want to know why? Because they suck. It’s not bad enough that it’s a pre-processed egg unit on a plain tortilla, but the …

Fresh salmon roe at Kaz’s!

Check out this note from Kaz: Fresh salmon roe is back in season! We get over-night express fresh salmon roe in sacks directly from the fisherman of the Quinault River, Washington State. We spend hours separating thousands of eggs from the sack and then marinade them in sake and soy …

Southern Sushi

This North Carolina sushi report in from Ryan Thornburg:

Every year some lucky journalist cons his editors in to letting him take a jaunt around the South searching for the Worlds Best Barbecue. Chapel Hill, NC, is often home to at least one place on the list. Now, for some unexplained reason, it is the home to a sushi boom. Popping up in the midst of coffee houses, pizza joints, and smoothievilles in the downtown area of this college town are two new sushi counters. However, from the taste of things, most Southerns will continue to use raw fish primarily as bait.

An Oasis in the Desert

This sushi report in from 3Mouths correspondant Sanford M. Saunders

Recently being out in El Paso, Texas and tired of eating dead cow — low and behold — we came upon Shogun (1201 Airway Blvd, El Paso, Texas) — a full service cocktail lounge and sushi bar. Shogun has a reasonable variety of sushi which is fresh and tasty. The sushi chef is friendly and quite willing to let you create your own rolls — this was very popular w/ certain members of our group.

Tono sushi: the best!

I quit commuting and finally moved to DC three years ago this past fall. Since that time, I quit my vegetarian ways and made up for lost sushi eating time, and have been trying every restaurant I could get a friend to recommend. I have found the most inventive chefs in town are Mickey and Hiro, at Tono Sushi.

Wasabi-flavored capelin roe

For Thanksgiving I made a turkey. But for the weekend after Thanksgiving, I went all out and made gunkan maku-zushi, or battleship sushi. This type of sushi is made with a small, golf-ball-sized amount of rice, a thin strip of nori paper, and the sushi itself. You usually see battleship sushi served for pretty gooey materials.

You want sake! You need sake! Buy it at Naniwa!

I’ve spent a lot of time looking around the Washington DC area for good sake. While many of the local restaurants have fine sake for consumption on premises, it’s a lot harder to find a good grocery store that carries a decent selection of sake.