I have been to heaven…

…and heaven is in San Jose, where there’s a little sushi bar called Michi Sushi.

I just returned from San Jose, where I attempted to eat as many sushi meals as possible. If you know me, this should come as no surprise. In fact, only a few months ago I went to San Francisco for a few days, and by skipping breakfast, managed to eat nothing but sushi. I hit many of the best sushi restaurants in SF on that trip, comparing quality of the fish, mostly. I had an excellent, if not consistent trip.

This last trip I stayed mostly in San Jose, and I spent most of my time on another priority, so I got my sushi whereever I could. I had two great meals, but the one that will bring me back was at Michi Sushi.

To start with, it’s the friendliest place I’ve ever been to, and they have a fine sake menu. But it’s the creativity I fell in love with. With over a hundred different rolls on the menu, I couldn’t go wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to get macadamia nuts in several rolls which were delicious.

Furthermore, my little venture into straight sushi was a wild success. I ordered salmon (pictured at right), and it came with a sprinkling of dill over it that combined with the salmon to make a flavor that was fabulous. Our order of sea urchin came out heaping as well. I suppose if you’re the chef, you have a pretty good idea the kind of person who orders sea urchin, and you make their portion accordingly.

I can’t wait to go back.