Amazing seafood in the Tampa Florida area!

A colleague and friend recently took me to the Salt Rock Grill, in Indian Shores Florida (outside Tampa and St. Petersberg). I was thoroughly amazed at the quality and freshness of the fish, the wide variations on preparation, and the sheer size of the facility and it’s famous grill.

To dine at the Salt Rock, you can either choose to hover and grab a table in the bar, or wait in the dining room. On a Saturday night at 9pm, our wait would have been 45 minutes, but we grabbed one in the bar, and by the time the extremely busy waittress got to us, it was roughly half an hour anyway. However it was worth the wait.

I avoided anything resembling sushi or sashimi, and ordered the special Louisiana Mahi Mahi. It had a pepper crust and was absolutely delicious, and thankfully, wasn’t blackened. Sarah had the “School of Fish”, as it was called on our bill, which contained a sampler of just about everything (salmon, mahi mahi, tuna) all of it good. Andy had the Salmon plank, which was coated in a rum honey glaze, and cooked on a cedar plank.

We skipped dessert, owing to the lateness of the hour and the fact that we couldn’t eat another bite. However I am making plans to return, as this is one of the few restaurants where I can’t wait to work my way through the entire menu.