More Origami news

As follows any quantity of hype, there is then a period of disappointment.  It will be an exercise in PR to watch Microsoft carefully handle these criticisms of the new Origami devices from the Korean manufacturers: 1. Processors not as fast as expectedThe haters are complaining that the devices need a faster processor.  Perhaps I…

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Microsoft Origami

As a fan of the Tablet PC, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about Thursday’s launch of Microsoft Origami, the presumed paperback sized Windows computer.  There are a couple of big if’s to it, and so I wanted to examine them in today’s post. 1. Is the form factor a plus…

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Using a tablet PC to play online poker

One of my readers asks me about using a tablet pc to play online poker. 

I see you’re a poker player too… have you used your Tablet PC with
any of the online real-money sites, and if so did it work well for
that? Was it easy to place bets correctly, especially in no-limit with
the "slider" controls on screen? I’m looking at buying a tablet for the
sole purpose of online poker. Thanks in advance!

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