More Origami news

As follows any quantity of hype, there is then a period of disappointment.  It will be an exercise in PR to watch Microsoft carefully handle these criticisms of the new Origami devices from the Korean manufacturers:

1. Processors not as fast as expected
The haters are complaining that the devices need a faster processor.  Perhaps I shouldn’t call them haters, as one of them is an executive from Intel corporation.  (,aid,125011,00.asp)  Can someone from Microsoft get Intel on the phone and get them to shut up and stop talking down their products?

2. Battery life only 2.5 hours
This could be a killer for a portable device.  I hope they work through it.  I suspect they could make for a better story by tuning the device’s processor speed and shutting down some other functions and showing it’s got more than 2.5 hours in it.  It’s just a matter of what you’re measuring.

3. Price point of $600-$1,000
The big worry here is whether or not people who have laptops and desktops will shell out a perceptively similar amount of money for this device.  This, by the way, kills the Motion computing competitor, which doesn’t even get out of bed for less than $1,600 in this category.  Or the OQO, which Froogles for an average of 2 large.

Do you appreciate the fact that I just used Froogle as a verb?  Heh.

Given the short newscycle, how Microsoft handles the PR on these three issues bubbling up in the next 24 hours will determine a lot about how the products are received in the next six months.

This could be an absolute must-have category, and I’m really excited about the potential.