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OneCause are spammers

I signed up for OneCause, a group that claims to capture rewards from your purchases and give them to the school of your choice, in order to support my preschool.  Sadly, they don't even pretend to be obeying my email preferences, and are now spamming me for their new toolbar. …

Ok, this is weird.

I’ve moved to a place where I have dozens of friends.  This wasn’t unintentional.  It’s the main reason Sarah chose this for "her turn" to move us, and ironically enough, researchers have found that happiness and longevity is linked to spending time with friends.  But it’s definately a new experience.  …

Various replies to blog comments people have made.

Katie is a really excellent poker colleague of mine.  She profitably plays 10/20 Limit hold’em online, and she and I have developed a good rapport that allows us to discuss hands without one of us having to be right.  I’ve known poker players that would have made excellent poker colleagues …

Judge Voids Some 2002 D.C. Assessments

A dispute between the Office of Tax and Revenue and several communities in DC over property tax rates had another small milestone today. "I describe a lot of what’s going on around the country as sticker shock," said Wayne A. Tenenbaum, a property tax lawyer and former assessor from Kansas …

Echinacea is crap

For years people have been telling me to take echinacea when I felt a cold coming on.  Reluctantly I would do it.  One particular unreliable acquaintance in New York used to distill her own echinacea.  So pathological was she, that I imagined her in Central Park just grabbing a handful of weeds, boiling them down and selling them with the malicious thought, "they’ll never know the difference".

Sourcing? We don’t need no steenking sourcing!

As I turned on the Today show this morning,  I was struck by the poor journalistic standards their producer used in presenting a story about "Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day".   Apart from allowing people on the show that are paid to hawk technology goods, "Today" thinks that journalism involves presenting two sides of any issue without a lot of thought as to what obligation they owe the viewers.