Mark Clodi, Zombie Innovator

As many of you know, I'll pretty much read anything that falls into the post-apocalytpic genre.  Destroy the world by fire, flood, famine, or other natural disaster and I'll buy it.

Zombies are a fascinating subset of that for me.  I read pretty much every zombified thing I can get my hands on, though I don't always read it as soon as it comes out.  I do most of my reading lately on Sarah's Kindle, and I have  been buying everything post-apocalyptic with a price point of less than $5.  

Through this method I came across Mark Clodi, a writer from Iowa who has been practicing his writing skills fleshing out a zombified present-day America.  Having read more zombie fiction than I care to tell you about, I'm really amazed to find that Clodi has managed to innovate quite a bit in the zombie genre.   I'm through two books of the main trilogy ("Outbreak" and "Discovery") and am reading one of the "side stories" now about survivors that aren't a part of the main storyline, "Undead Advantage".

Smart zombies who gain power from eating more humans, zombie family lineage and political intrigue, and super charged humans who have developed abilities based on the number of zombies they've killed are all part of Clodi's fresh look at the zombie fiction genre.

You can pick up his work for free at his website, but I strongly recommend you pay him for his work.  He doesn't ask for much, and if you enjoy zombies this is well worth a small donation.

[As an aside, my plugin that suggests other stories you might like on my website is showing me a copy of my mother's obituary and my entry about leaving the Mayo clinic, the last place she was in the hospital before going home to die in hospice.   I'd say this algorithm needs a little work.  -Shabbir]


  1. Bill Stern on December 5, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Well, imagine folks writing about their parents dying and getting suggestions about undead apocalypse!