Poker results for 2008 (last 5 years)

So after booking a big win playing live poker in 2007, I looked forward to making even more money by moving up stakes in 2008.  I didn’t really move up in stakes, and played live for the first half of the year until through a combination of losing at the tables and the need to draw out my poker bankroll for life expenses, I basically busted out.

I continued to play only for pennies online, playing absolutely no online poker until the last half of the year after I’d spent or lost my poker bankroll, and never for more than $.50/$1 stakes.  Even still, I managed to lose about $200 online.  Here are the results for everything (and every game):

Now that’s a bloody year. In comparison to the previous four years, it’s a marked descent. It also puts me squarely into the red lifetime territory.

Starting last year after my bustout, and into this year I’ve been working with a coach and doing a great deal of away-from-table study. It’s made my online poker game profitable, and will certainly help my live game as well.


  1. jimb12345 on May 24, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    it is always good to take lessons. i am glad you are making money now.

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