Safdar Tournament Poker Bootcamp

Attention friends, especially Matt's friend, Lem who will be in Vegas December 5th:

There's talk of a tournament-focused trip to Vegas to reprise the Safdar Tournament Poker Bootcamp from this summer, the weekend of December 5th thru Tuesday December 9.  Most of us have not cleared it with our spouses.

If it comes together, we'd likely arrive sometime friday, and play tournaments (probably 3-4 / day) for 4 days thru Tuesday.  This isn't a lazy trip (though I guess you could laze through it).  We usually work our asses off, playing 8am, 11am/12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and sometimes 10pm tourneys. 

If you love poker as much as I do, contact me about logistics.

If your name is Chris Hannigan, you may stay in my hotel room in the second bed for free.

If your name is Jason Kim, you should get your ass out here with us.


  1. ampressman on November 12, 2008 at 7:37 am

    How much does something like that cost you, aside from hotel/airfare, if anything? Do you usually break even or better at the tables? Do you have a loss limit or other risk management strategy?