Polyphonic Spree, “The Fragile Army”

61tskmfj2vl_aa240_I’ve never been a big Polyphonic Spree fan.  There was a song or two I liked and I thought all their stuff sounded the same.  While they don’t seem to have branched out too much from their core sound, the new album "The Fragile Army" is them at their best.  There are a number of bright spots on it, especially "Section 28: Guaranteed Nightlite".

Take a moment and pick it up.   I am listening to it for free on my all-you-can-eat Rhapsody music subscription for less than $20 / month.  (I also got the new Marilyn Manson, which is all goth torch songs, weirdly enough.  Apparently having Rose McGowan dump you has the same effect on Manson that it would have on the rest of us.)


  1. tfish77 on June 28, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    Right on! I have been grooving on that album all week (seeing them live on Saturday) and that song in particular is a new favorite.