Keeping an eye on your credit

If you have a Capitol One credit card of any sort, you’ve probably been pitched to use the Credit Inform service.  It’s cheap, $4.99 a month or a quarter or something, and they send you this credit report.

Except it’s not really a credit report, it’s a report on what Equifax thinks is on your credit report.  And occasionally they don’t always tell you things that should be on your credit report, like an old debt, or a lien on your house that was paid off but somehow never got off the books.  Things that would be useful to know in case you wanted to sell your house and get another mortgage someday.  If you have this service and find yourself in a similar aggravating situation I suggest you call and cancel and complain with a cool head.  You’re liable to get 12 months of credit. 

Heh Heh.

Or just don’t sign up for the service to begin with.