What’s WIFI in a music player for?

I’ve seen a number of people pontificate on the concept of Wifi in an MP3 player.  About how it’s all about people sharing music with people.  Honestly, I think that’s bunk.  Such behavior would only work if everyone involved had the same device, and the only person with the market penetration to assume that is Apple.

More interesting, I think, is the use of Wifi on devices that also have access to the limitless catalog music services of Yahoo, Rhapsody, Urge, and others.  How much more music would you discover if you could simply download it straight to your player the minute you hear about it?  I would think a lot.

Oh, did someone just tell you that you might like Dashboard Confessional?  Download it to your player, no computer required.

The Sansa Connect is the first of these players to come out and it only works with Yahoo! Music.  Instead of Yahoo I use Rhapsody, but I’m going to wait and read a few reviews and if they haven’t made a mess of the implementation I’m going to pick it up.

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