2007 Grammy nominees, I got them all!

As you know I picked up the
Rhapsody music service (all you can eat for $14.99 / month)
and aThe Samsung T9 2GB version
Samsung T9 2GB music player and I’ve been really blown away.  The T9 is an awesome little device, with an FM radio, music (duh), video, and text storage capabilities.  Since I’m smart enough to know that my eyes shouldn’t be watching videos on a tiny screen, I use it as a music player and a radio.

Paired with the unlimited download service of Rhapsody, it’s really an amazing music experience.  I could tell you all about how I downloaded a Cat Stevens song that I wanted to hear, or how I had a craving for the Polyphonic Spree that I wanted to experience, but that wouldn’t get to the heart of how my musical habits have changed as a result of this technology.  So I bought another album or two, what’s the big deal?

Last night was the big deal.  I went to the Grammy’s website and looked up the nominations.  I then downloaded twenty albums from artists that are nominated in different categories.  I’ve always thought, "While it may not be something I would normally buy, if it’s nominated for a Grammy, it’s worth a listen."  Previously that didn’t translate into me plunking down $12 or $14 for the CD.  But that formula certainly works when I’m paying $15 / month for unlimited music. 

I got the obvious stuff, like The Raconteurs and  Gnarls Barkley, but then I also picked up albums I would have never bought, like Neil Young’s "Living With War", and Corinne Bailey Rae’s debut soul album.  With this one evening of downloading I would have spent $240 in iTunes or CD purchases.  That’s enough to justify almost the entire year of the Rhapsody service.

It’s true, if you listen to really obscure stuff, Rhapsody may not be for you.  But so far I’m saving serious money with it.

If you’re a Rhapsody user, you can follow this link and use my Grammy 2007 playlist.  (You can also click the link below)

My Rhapsody Playlist


  1. BilldaCat on February 9, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    hmm. they DO have the dollyrots, so maybe they aren’t as bad as i thought.


    interesting. if i ever find the damn charger for my virgin mp3 player, i may go this route after all.