Adventures in the desert: My trip to the World Series

So I’m back and finally recuperated from my trip to the World Series Of Poker.  Many important things were learned about my poker.  My preparation was good, but I honestly found computer players in Poker Academy to be softer than the real ones at the World Series.  I have to figure out how to make them harder in the tournament configuration screen.  Always have to have good competition if you want to improve.

That being said, I found loads of poor players at the Paris casino, and reveled in my trouncing of them and cash-making adventures.  It’s a real tug though, on one hand they suck, and I make lots of money playing the worse players in the tourneys there.  On the other hand because they suck, my tournament style gets a little too loose which is a problem when I play stronger players.  Since I’m so used to playing bad players I find that, as Chad pointed out on my blog, "I call too much".  He’s exactly right, of course, and it took a few days of distance to really see it.

Ultimately I need to master varying my play based upon my opponents, and so perhaps I have the "weak opponent" style down well, and now I need to work on the "strong opponent" style.

My adventures playing ‘crazy’ $2/$4 limit hold ’em were also a hoot.  I found within myself a maniac style that is fun to play and if used in a session where I’m changing gears a lot, a very useful tactic in a larger toolbox.  I intend to continue honing that style at low limit games in the future.

And of course there was the dinner.  It was incredibly touching that two of my friends made their way out to Vegas to be my cheering section, and I was more than happy to take us out as a thank you.  Our trip to the Vodka freezer was a hoot that I’ll never repeat, but never forget.

(Of course we’re drinking the vodka tonight at my house as we watch the final table)

I’ll definately go out to the WSOP again, as well as Vegas.  I’ll probably try a little harder to win my entry next year, but it will still be worth the trip, and the weather’s pretty darn nice.

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