So, my birthday rocked.

In perspective, I think I did pretty well, my wayward parents notwithstanding.  My sister and brother in law got me an espresso maker, which I’ve been using to make Sarah and I lattes in morning.  Several sweet people got me cards, and one pair of friends re-arranged their DC visit to someone else’s wedding festivities to spend a few hours with me eating, drinking, and playing Katamari Damacy.  They live in Philly, so getting to see them was a treat.

Sarah’s presents for the most part are not to be discussed.

Oh, and just in case you were missing it, here’s a little poker content for everyone that still reads my blog and wonders why all I talk about is poker:

The Three Rules Of The Big Game
(as coined by myself and another who wishes to not be named)

Rule #1: Don’t talk about the Big Game.
Rule #2: When going to the big game, dress appropriately.  Wear a damn jacket.
Rule #3: Don’t be telling everyone the nickname you’ve made up for me on your blog to the rest of the players at the Big Game.

Did I mention we’re only a few months from the World Series of Poker?!  I’m so psyched!


  1. princessxemina on May 18, 2006 at 4:16 am

    Yay-glad you like the lattes! Hey, are you still going to World Series of Poker?? When is it?