“Micksican” and other new ethnic slurs

I’ve got a set of friends from Burning Man that I haven’t yet stopped speaking to who are wonderful in both their sense of humor and their self-deprecating approach to life.  Recently they were talking about their ethnicities, and since they’re all a mish-mash of different ones, what the appropriate slurs were?

For our friend whose both Mexican and Irish, a buddy labeled him a "Micksican", which was met with the appropriate level of guffaws, as you can imagine.  From there Sarah got out of control.  She labeled herself, a mix of Orthodox Jews and Western Maryland mountain people, a "Jewbilly".

Her gaze then turned on a friend of ours who’s Swedish, Welsh, and English, and he was labeled, "Bjooring".  You just have to imagine the appropriate umlaut over the o.

For myself, a mixture of Pakistani and white people from Louisiana, I became a "crackerstani".

And finally our son, whose a little bit of everything but mostly descended from Muslim and Jewish stock, he will be forever slurred as the "Jewhadist".

It’s fortunate Jews don’t believe in Hell, because that’s where Sarah’s going with these.