• Learning an instrument?

    Are you learning an instrument and are looking for a welcoming group of musicians to play with?  I play with a regular group of musicians who play mostly bluegrass songs.  If you can play just a few notes (G, C, and D!) you can play bluegrass songs with us.

  • Need a new book?

    Looking for a new zombie book?   Something about how people survive the fall of the entire electric power grid due to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)?  Head on over to my post-apocalyptic wiki www.BooksOfDoom.com.

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  • Want to learn archery?

    My all-volunteer archery club meets every Saturday morning in Golden Gate park.  We offer very low-cost lessons (including equipment) to the public for between $20 and $30.  Learn how to sign up.

    Want to learn archery?

The Ebola K series by Bobby Adair

Ebola K is a carefully thought out examination of the consequences of an Ebola strain that is both airborne and mutating.  It’s an engaging story with multiple storylines about characters working to fight both the virus and those that would take advantage of the chaos created by the pandemic. Get …

Adrians Undead Diary by Chris Philbrook

Adrian Ring survives a worldwide zombie infection. With his skills and leadership, he explores the causes of the zombie infection, gathers survivors, repels hordes of marauders, and saves the world.  One of my favorite zombie stories, it’s light without being casual. The hero Adrian has serious moral conflicts, and beloved …

The Dog Stars by Peter Weller

A man, his beloved dog, and his airplane live through an apocalyptic pandemic without developing the cutthroat nature needed to survive in …

The Remaining Series by DJ Molles

A highly entertaining study of what could be accomplished if the military sequestered competent people and supplies in case of societal collapse. …

Newsflesh Series by Mira Grant

Mira Grant is a zombie fan’s author.  She approached her 3.5 book zombie series with a clear interest in the scientific details …