• Learning an instrument?

    Are you learning an instrument and are looking for a welcoming group of musicians to play with?  I play with a regular group of musicians who play mostly bluegrass songs.  If you can play just a few notes (G, C, and D!) you can play bluegrass songs with us.

  • Need a new book?

    Looking for a new zombie book?   Something about how people survive the fall of the entire electric power grid due to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)?  Head on over to my post-apocalyptic wiki www.BooksOfDoom.com.

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  • Want to learn archery?

    My all-volunteer archery club meets every Saturday morning in Golden Gate park.  We offer very low-cost lessons (including equipment) to the public for between $20 and $30.  Learn how to sign up.

    Want to learn archery?

Bowing bluegrass solos

I’m a new bass player (about 18 months) who plays with a group of people that primarily play bluegrass. For the past …

Thank you Resistance Elite for clearing out this part of Golden Gate Park this weekend.

Ingress newbie data

Ingress is a video game played in the real world on top of the GPS system.  It’s an interesting combination of foursquare …

Teach geometry in Minecraft

Following on the success of my teaching basic logic circuits in Minecraft, my son wanted another lesson, so I went with geometry. …


June 3rd SF ballot

In the interest of provoking a thoughtful decision about my own votes (and yours) I’m posting my thoughts and recommendations for the …


In memory of Gary Carson

In early March poker author Gary Carson passed away.  I didn’t know him personally, but his impact on my thinking about how …