Google Finance

Hey, check out this sample company page for the new Google Finance!  It’s a direct competitor to Yahoo! Finance and although I’ve loved Yahoo! Finance for years now, the competition in the space ought to cause both companies to improve both products. 

I know it’s only a tiny difference, but I really like the fact that the news headlines have place markers on the stock price chart.  Allows you to really see what was the news that affected the stock price.

Smarter people than me will try and tell you why it’s different than Yahoo! Finance, the stalwart of this space.  I think the big question will center around the discussion boards.  I use the Yahoo! Finance discussion boards to see what the real dirt is on a company, and what the company insiders are saying (usually posing as anonymous contributors) to try and counter the dirt.  A key to Google’s success in this space will be whether or not they can attract the same level of discussion.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, make your own decisions by checking it out for yourself.

Link: Google Finance: Kintera, Inc..


  1. Chad Day on March 22, 2006 at 7:46 am

    Those discussion boards have been useful?

    The signal to noise ratio is horrendous, so many people trying to manipulate the stock price, pump and dump, etc .. I’d take anything I read on there with such a huge grain of salt that it wouldn’t be worth my time to read.