What are the odds that you’d have the right brand of gym bag?

The snopes.com site is a great place to send your relatives when they tell you that story about the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe they received, or the chain letter they forward to you that promises to give millions to sick kids if you just forward it on to 10 friends.

Occasionally they find out something unbelievable is true, like this story of a man who found out his wife was unfaithful and cut off her lover’s head, put it in a gym bag, went to the hospital where she was admitted, and presented the bloody head to her.

That’s weird enough, but here’s the best part:

The door burst open, and there stood Stephen Schap, according to her
testimony, his chest heaving, clothes speckled with blood. He was
carrying a Head gym bag. "He had the sports bag over his shoulder, and
it looked like it was full," she [a nurse] said.

What do you think came first, the idea of the decapitation and then the purchase of the Head gym bag, or the other way around?  Will you ever look at a Head-brand gym bag the same way again?

Link: Urban Legends Reference Pages: Horrors (Beheaded for Trouble).


  1. josephgrossberg on January 5, 2006 at 7:56 am

    Wow. I totally missed that (apocryphal?) detail.

    I wonder if he was looking for a gym bag to take out his frustrations on some weights, and then got inspired …