What are the odds that you’d have the right brand of gym bag?

The snopes.com site is a great place to send your relatives when they tell you that story about the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe they received, or the chain letter they forward to you that promises to give millions to sick kids if you just forward it on to 10 friends. Occasionally they find out something…

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Wherever you go, there you are.

We were in the cab riding back to the airport on Maui.  We had fifteen hours of flight time beforePineapple we would return to cold wet Washington.  "So," I asked the cabdriver, "how many times a day do you hear some tourist say ‘I never want to leave!’"

"I am sick," he said, "of people saying this is paradise.  We have all the major problems of a big city.  People commit suicide here, they have drug problems, they get into fights and shoot each other.  Just the same as any other city."

He didn’t actually quote Buckaroo Banzai when he said it, but he might as well have said the famous line, "Wherever you go, there you are."**

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