Best anniversary present ever.

Sarah and I celebrated five years this past December.  I suppose it’s a testament to how lucky weImg_5201 both feel that it seems like yesterday we met.  For our anniversary Sarah got me a box of gourmet chocolates that blew me away.

Made by gourmet chocolatier Richart, they come in seven different flavor groups.  Each flavor group has seven different variations, creating the 49 piece masterpiece I received.  Each cycle of seven is to be eaten in a particular order.

The flavors are brilliant.  Just imagine popping a curry chocolate in your mouth, and then imagineImg_5200 realizing how good it is right about the time that it’s over.  These are tasting chocolates, tiny little cubes slightly bigger than a sugar cube. Since you generally want to eat seven in a row, its a good thing there aren’t that many of them.  It made for the perfect couples adventure.  Every couple of days I would break out the chocolates and eat seven in the proper sequence. 

I think the spiced series was my favorite.  We finished with the Herbal series though, with the final chocolate releasing at least four to five unique tastes in my mouth over the course of a minute or so.Img_5199

Guys, this is an awesome present for your better half.  More so if you explain to them that you want to taste them all together.  Big points for that.

Link: Petits RICHART Intense by RICHART.


  1. josephgrossberg on January 20, 2006 at 12:36 pm

    Basil and chocolate?

    Well mole’ works really well, so why not?