Go buy Po Bronson’s book

Po Bronson is a busy man.  He’s also extremely good with people, such that saying Po is a friend of yours is probably something ten thousand people could do today.  Po’s new book is about to come out and I want you to buy it.  I’m not saying you should buy it because I like Po, you should buy it because Po is a great storyteller.

In a world where authors often get liberal with the truth though
they’re covering real life stories, Po’s work stands out.  In his
previous book, "What Should I Do With My Life?" Po elicited stories
from people about their life choices with regards to work, and some of the stories he got were amazing.  Unlike people like Barbara Ehrenreich, whose last work Nickel and Dimed was clearly written from a polemic she had in her head already, you can tell that Po is actually exploring his topic without a clear theory in mind.

As people’s stories unfolds, they often lead Po to places that are unexpected.  They are all surprisingly candid which is only something that can result from being an excellent listener.  One interview, with a man who walked away from his birthright as a reborn-Tibetan high official stands out.  Such a person might be uncomfortable with significant publicity to do an interview with a best-selling author, given the scorn or shame that might be visited upon them.  But Po’s low-key style gets the subject talking in great detail about the choices he has made and why.

Po’s most recent book is an exploration of family, and no, I’m not telling you to buy it because my family is in the book.  I’ve heard several of the stories that Po found when researching the book and they are amazing.  You can be sure he’s put to work the same listening and story-telling that made "What Should I Do With My Life?" such a great work.

You can pre-order the book here.  Go do it.