No sunday’s paper review for you.

Sorry, but I left you to read the NYT and the WP and figure out yourself what’s worth reading.  I would have recommended, of course, IMG_4974the magazine.  Instead of reading the Sunday papers for you, I spent the weekend up at the farm in rural, western Maryland with a Presidente-sized Macanudo, a bottle of Talisker scotch, and a rocking chair on the porch.  Woe is me. 

While we were there a relative came by.  Remember, we’re in rural Maryland.  We’re sitting in the house of a non-working farm.  The relative arrived, partly to see the baby:

She: Now what’s his name?  I can’t say it…

Sarah: Moishe.

She: Uh huh.  Is that his natural color?  He looks dark.

Me: Yep, that’s my son!

I just love conversations like that.   Reminds me why we don’t see some of these people much.

In lieu of my review of Sunday’s papers, entertain yourself with this photo of Sarah using the Japanese Pigeonbaby snot-sucking device.  It was a gift from some friends who are currently living in Japan.  Sadly, we can’t seem to catch Ish with any quantity of snot in his nose worth sucking, but we’ve tried it out just for fun.  We’re diligent parents!  We’ll keep our kid snot free!

Or emotionally traumatise him for life in the attempt.

Below is the original packaging for your consumer enjoyment.





  1. Cheryl on October 17, 2005 at 9:40 am

    But the question is: can we call Moishe “PigeonBaby” (affectionately of course!)?