Gratuitous dinners for dear friends

If you’ve ever turned down an invitation for dinner at my house, here’s a sample of what you missed. Cream of garlic soup, a la Susan Spicer’s "Bayona" in New Orleans Mustard crusted rack of lamb from Stephen Raichlin’s "How to Grill". Chocolate volcano (chocolate fondant) with candied and chocolate-dipped grapefruit peels, as recipied by…

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What did you guys do while I was gone?

I leave for two days, and when I return: You’ve toppled the government in Kyrgyzstan and begun looting, You made a mess of the beautiful warm weather I left here in Washington, and Britney Spears got yet another breast augmentation.  (She’s had a couple.  Is that even healthy?) I can’t trust you people alone for…

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Dear ATA Customer Support

[Sent via ATA Customer Relations website] Dear ATA, On March 24th I flew from Chicago Midway to Washington Reagan on flight #4292.  This normally 90 minute flight left Chicago at 8:10pm (Washington time) and I finally entered a taxi at Reagan when I landed at 1:30am. When our flight bound for Reagan was diverted by…

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It’s the accidental discoveries that are sweetest.

Last night at the weekly Mindshare home poker tournament I finally got a chance to put some walk behind all my talk of being a badass poker player when I took first place in our twelve person tournament. I’d like to say it was all skill, and to some extent it was, but I got…

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Movin’ on up

So I took my friend’s and my poker buddy’s advice and moved from the $5 to the $10 single table tournaments on Party Poker.  My poker coach said, "This will be easy!  You won’t see a difference until you hit the $50 entry tournaments." My poker buddy (who is a million times better than me)…

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And so it goes…

I took the plunge yesterday and moved Sarah’s and my blogs over to the TypePad service.  Frankly, I was just tired of doing the maintenance on the MovableType system myself, and concluded it was sucking my "joy of life".  So while we were traveling back from the South by Southwest festival, I bought a day…

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Raking pots among the sunburned

I had to attend a business meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so I went 48 hours early so I could play some cards. I actually got to play about twenty hours worth at several different casinos on the area. Here’s my quick tutorial on low limit poker in Florida, a review of where to go and what you’ll want to do when you get there.

In case you’re wondering how I measure my poker rooms, here’s a sense of what I’d like to see in a Florida poker room:

  • In-table card shufflers to maximize your hands-per-hour
  • A ban on smoking at the poker table to maximize my lifespan
  • Good dealers and wait staff
  • Free drinks
  • A steady flow of people who don’t mind losing at poker because they’re enjoying themselves
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