Movin’ on up

So I took my friend’s and my poker buddy’s advice and moved from the $5 to the $10 single table tournaments on Party Poker.  My poker coach said, "This will be easy!  You won’t see a difference until you hit the $50 entry tournaments."

My poker buddy (who is a million times better than me) had been watching my play in a poker sleuthing database and also said, "You should totally move up, you’re ready."

Well, I am ready to play at that level, but I’m not ready to win apparently.  I’ve played a dozen or so of these tournaments and while that’s not a statistical sample, I can tell I’m playing against noticeably better players.  I’m also breaking even, which coming from the $5 tables for me is like losing money.  Not all of them are better, but at the $5 tables when there were only 1 or 2 people playing solid poker, now there’s 3 or 4, sometimes 5 of them.  I’m learning to adjust, and it’s kind of cool, having a new challenge.