No title necessary

My stepmother and I were sitting over breakfast at the IHOP.  Moishe and I were eating my breakfast while my mom was eating her one good meal of the day. Mom: "So I’ve purchased a cemetary plot.  Do you want to go see it?"Me: "No, that’s morbid."Mom: "Well I think it’s really pretty.  It’s in…

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All clear on the cancer front.

When I was in Boston a couple of months ago walking through Logan airport, I got word that my mom had been diagnosed with cancer.  Now just a few days ago when I was back there on my way to Logan airport, I got word that she’s been given a clean bill of health post-treatment.…

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Day 1 of chemo

"Can I please have the chemo today?"

Such was the unlikely thing I heard out of my mom’s mouth this morning at the Cancer center where we started our week.

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