Apple laps itself

I’m sitting on a decent sized chip stack in a poker tournament and digging through my Engadget backlog. Gee, do they post every product sent to them by the PR muffins?  It sure seems like they aren’t exercising much editorial filter these days. Anyway I thought they made an excellent point about the iPod Nano…

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Creative Technology profits plummet

My reporter friend Aaron Pressman was good enough to feed my schadenfreud by sending along this note about Creative Technology, which makes MP3 players that pretend to compete with the IPod.

Chief Executive Sim Wong Hoo told an
analysts’ conference that Creative won’t aggressively seek a greater share of
the MP3 market. He also said the company is willing to let market share fall to
help Creative improve financial results by the end of 2005 — a shift from last
November, when Mr. Sim unveiled a $100 million marketing campaign he predicted
would give Creative a 40% share of the MP3 market.

I predicted this one
several months back.

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