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The great Facebook purge of 2007

My random thoughts: the one downside of not having my life heavily segmented is that if something is bothering me that I don’t really want 50 people to know about, I’m not sure who I can confide in.  The nature of discretion is complex.  People can’t assure you they’re ‘discrete’, …

How guys show emotion

Me: "I’m going to pretend like this isn’t the last time I talk to you before you hop on a plane and leave for two years."Him: "I don’t know why you’d even mention that."Me: "You’re breaking my heart, you fucker."Him: "I’ll see you soon."

Most awesomest Ranger Rick video ever!

My colleague Jordan Hirsch recently got cast in a new video for Ranger Rick that was too funny.  I’d totally forgot about Ranger Rick, but he’s 40 this year and they cast Jordan to do a web video about his relevance.  Check it out, and hire him if you need …