Dog bites 7 year old, owner flees before police can catch, Father’s Day (June 16, 2013) near 9th Ave and Irving

Today (Father's Day) my 7 year old son was bit by a German Shepherd outside Jamba Juice at the corner of 9th Ave and Irving St in the Inner Sunset neighborhood.  The incident happened between 3 and 4pm.    

The owner was approached by my neighbor who fortuitously happened to be there with his own children.  My neighbor, a dad who should get the Father's Day of the year award, confronted the dog owner who said his name was "Lou", appeared to be in his 50's with silver hair.   He first denied the incident, and then when confronted with the evidence of the clothing with the hole and the injury on my son's arm, said he didn't want to give his last name because he didn't want to get sued.   He also intimated that the dog had previously had a problem but that he was working with him to address it.

When my neighbor saw a policeman and pointed out the owner and his dog, they both fled successfully.

I would like to find "Lou".  If you know of Lou or a german shepherd in the Inner Sunset area owned by someone who fits Lou's description, you can leave me a message at 415 683 7526.

Please understand that while the owner may be in denial, this dog's issue needs to be addressed before someone gets more seriously hurt.

Shabbir Imber Safdar 415 683 7526