Grieving over the victims of the Newtown, CT shooting

Newtown shootingsIf you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I haven't had anything to say about gun laws in the wake of the Newtown, CT shooting.  In fact, I haven't had much to say at all on the topic.  It isn't the case that I have been "waiting for a more appropriate time".   I am as frustrated as anyone that gun advocates use this line to succesfully postpone policy reforms until after the tragedy's urgency has faded.

No, I haven't had anything to say because I've been horrified.  I relate to the tragedy as the father of a seven year old, a member of an elementary school community, and a husband.  Every time I think of the families left devastated by the loss, and the complete brutal and cowardly nature of the killings, I am ill.  Every time I want to circulate one of those essays everyone is passing around, I feel like I'm disrespecting the victims, like I have failed to honor them.    

There have been too many school shootings, I do not think we should "move on" from this one without great reflection.

In an attempt to heal myself, I decided to write a personal letter of condolence to each of the victim's families.  My hope is that somewhere in that process, I will have given them the respect they deserve.   I am joined in this effort by my friend Scott B, who demonstrates his mettle by doing the same thing. 

If you would like to do so too, I have posted on my blog the list of Newtown, CT shooting victims and instructions for sending condolence letters and cards.

(If you are someone that has circulated such stories, I am not judging you.  This is an incredibly personal experience for me, your own mileage may vary.)

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