You probably need an Operations guy like this.

The Operations director from my last company saw the company through it's sale and the founders exit and Ninja is now looking for a new gig.  He's moving back from DC to the Bay Area and is whip smart.  I've seen him:

  1. Negotiate with a landlord over subtleties of our lease, and then
  2. Work out an HR issue with an employee and outside HR counsel, and then
  3. Hold our telecomm vendor's feet to the fire for an outage and get credit, and then
  4. Negotiate a payment plan with a vendor whose bill had grown too large to pay in one payment without cutting off service.

Operations makes all your trains run on time so the rest of your company can focus on your mission, and it's contribution to a company's success is often understated.  However when it goes bad, it can be a disaster.  You would be very lucky to have my colleague Matt run your operations for you.  

If you have a small company in the 20-80 person range, you need someone with experience like Matt.  Please drop me a note and I'll put you in touch.