Why I’m giving my favorite gloves away

These are my favorite gloves. Sarah knitted them, and they're fingerless/thumbless, so you actually can do useful things with your hands. I'm giving them away (with Sarah's permission) to La Casa de las Madres so they can be gifted to a woman in their shelter system who has lost everything in order to save her life by fleeing domestic violence.

I'm collecting hats, gloves, and scarves to donate to La Casa de las Madres this week and taking them over Saturday morning. Since it just got cold in SF, you probably dug out all this winter gear. I'm guessing you found an extra hat, or gloves or a scarf. DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY.

Email me and tell me I can give it to the women in the shelter system that this nonprofit runs.  I'll comeLacasa get it from your house or work and drop it off at La Casa's office Saturday morning. Or if you can't find anything, go give $25 to them so they can buy these items as holiday gifts.  (mark your donation in honor of "gratitude", as an appreciation of how fortunate you are, and to help them see which ones came from my donation requests)