Shenanigans in Reno, NV

My Obama partner and I have two red staters assigned to watch us. We
all sit here in the observer pen.   They complain about everything we
do, and have the McCain palin lawyers on speed dial.

My friend in sparks brought me a coat and hat since it's snowing and
the McCain volunteer stood close to me to make sure I didn't say
anything political inside the 100 foot zone.  I gave her a goodbye hug
that carried an unspoken Obama endorsement.

I have three lawyers here dedicated to my team who tell them to fuck off politely.

The McCain people are obsessed with disqualifying voters and have
multipage instructions on how to challenge voters right to vote.

I jut watched the poll workers turn away yet another minority they
couldn't find on the rolls.  The mccain woman enthuaiastically
encouraged her to vote provisional, which is almost like not voting at
all.   The obama lawyers standing in the snow flurries just intercepted
her to help get her sorted.

I've never seen this up close.  It's not pretty.  I cannot imagine
being  able to  work on voter suppression projects and sleep at night..
 These people are enthusiastic about it.


We now have a coterie of 6 lawyers.  3 non partisan and the 3 from the Obama campaign.

My republican babysitter just tried to seperate a father and son.  It
was his first time voting and he wanted his dad to help him.  My shadow
complained that he might be telling him who to vote for and the guy
running the place shut her down.

We're expecting big lines at 7pm closing and were going to buy huge
quantities of coffee to serve people in line.  I've won enough money at
poker here to buy coffee for hundreds if need be.

For political junkies we're very isolated here without laptops.  We
have heard stories about polls closing early in Virginia due to voting
machine problems.

The lawyers here have to fight for everyones right to vote.  A standard
voter suppression tactic is to send people who haven't turned in their
absentee ballot home to find it.  The ACLU put a stop to that and
allowed 3 people to vote as long as they sign an affidavit.