Lots of things

I picked up this external battery sled for the iPhone at the mall.  I’m charging it now, and will time it to see how long it truly lasts. 

I built a worm farm with Moishe this weekend for the boy who must have every animal.  I put up a flickr set explaining how to do it.

I’m about to demo my kitchen in pieces.  We are entirely broke, but our kitchen is from the 60’s and really needs an update. I don’t mean we need to fling stainless steel appliances and granite countertop at it, but the appliances are really old.  The counters need work, but the cabinets seem solid.

Since the breadwinner of the family has been laid off, and I don’t have the skills to completely demo the kitchen and rebuild it in a week, I’m going to do it piecemeal, and possibly get something wrong and have to redo it.

I’m starting with installing the appliances.  I’m going to cut a hole in this cabinet and slip in a dishwasher.  The cabinet is one wall over from my kitchen sink, where I’ll run water feed and waste back through a hole I’m going to have to cut in the wall.  Yeah, I’ve never done that before.

Next step will be to pull out this ancient double oven that doesn’t even seal properly and install a convection oven we freecycled.  I’ll also then extend the cabinet and install a Viking stovestop a buddy gave me.  I’ve got to be careful since I’ll be handling gas feeds, but I’ll have some friends to help out.Kitchen

I gotta be honest, this is like a caveman building a PC.  But I don’t think I’ll destroy the house in the process, so everything is correctable.