Would anyone like to explain this to me…

….I’m not inclined to believe that drilling in our environmentally sensitive areas is going to solve our energy problem, but I guess I’ll play along for a minute.

Isn’t oil simply sold to the highest bidder?  Why would there be any guarantee that even one drop of this stuff would come to the US?  Won’t it just head out to whomever pays the most money for it?

And can we actually make gasoline any faster with it?  I thought refinery production limits were one of the factors for gasoline supply/price issues?

Won’t drilling there just postpone our economy’s energy transformation for just a few years and then we’ll be back to where we are today, only worse?

There’s so many things wrong with this as an idea I can’t fathom why credible people still say it.  (Oh wait, perhaps that means they’re not credible.)