And it was good.

So very soon I get a new, hopefully permanent office.

I currently work either at home, where I have poor output because I refuse to be dismissive of my son when he comes into my office, or at Starbucks where you can’t hear me on the phone because of their music, or downtown in an office suite where there’s a different desk for me every day.  I don’t want a perm. office downtown since I’d have to be $2k for a crappy little room that I’d have to fight commuters daily for.

So instead I’ve just been waiting….and waiting….and waiting.  Finally something opened up in my neighborhood, 4.5 blocks from my house and right past my favorite little diner.  My dream life involves me going to breakfast at a diner super early reading the newspaper, then going to work, all of it walking, no car or metro involved.  I was happy to walk as far as 20 or more blocks to work, but finding something just down the street pretty much made it nirvana for me.  It’s also pretty cheap as far as offices go.

Weirdly enough I just saw "American Gangster" on the plane the other night coming back from DC.  In it Denzel Washington’s character has this pattern of going to breakfast at a little diner in Harlem and then starting work.  I thought it was was funny we had the same idea of perfect.