My karma for the day

Perhaps by posting it here, I will get rid of the black cloud hanging over my head.

As I walk by an office building in my neighborhood that says "Office Available" out front, I decide to investigate.  First I come across the painters who don’t speak any English.  No problem, they point me upstairs.  I go up and see a man, quite possibly of Pakistani descent.

Me: "Excuse me, do you know who owns this building?"

Man: "No, we’re just visiting."

Me: "I’m interested in the space downstairs. Can you tell me who you pay rent to?"

Man: "No, we’re just visiting."

Me: (I’m looking in at a full office with desks and laptops) "But, those people have desks and laptops, they would know."

Man: "No they don’t.  I’m very busy, please go ask someone downstairs."

Me: "You realize you’re being very rude?"  (really witty response, I know)

Man: "I don’t know anything, I’m sorry."

The space was too big for just me anyway.