My dream, and the basis for some psychoanalyst’s new boat (if I was in analysis)

A disembodied voice booms, "CONAN!  WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?" 


I’m walking to a minivan with my biological father.

Me: "Dad, do you know what’s most important?"

Dad: "I have plenty of money, a beautiful house and everyone loves me" he said emphatically.

Me: "Dad, but what’s most important?"

Dad: "I have a beautiful wife, and she adores me."

Me: "But do you know what is most precious?"

Dad: "….."

Me: "Time, TIME, you’ve got no fucking time."  And by this I meant both free time and time left, since he’s pretty old.


That’s a weird dream.  The opening is clearly because I’ve been reading comic author Warren Ellis’ blog a lot, and many of his posts about extreme body modification start with "Conan!  What is best in life?!"

What’s weird though is that my own sense of time has shifted quite a bit.  I’m experiencing a tremendous crunch of work right now, and wasn’t really getting in the at least 8 hours a day I needed to hold up my end of the circus tent.  So I started going to bed at 9 or 9:30pm so I could wake up early.  I do, and scoot out the door and am working by 6 or 6:30am.  Since my brain just about shuts down at 4pm anyway regardless of when I start work, this gives me 10 good hours of work given the fact that I usually eat lunch at my desk.

The experience is weird, but I have the luxury of being able to go home and not have to try and work with Moishe bouncing around the house.  I can just be a parent and a husband, instead of being that dad that comes home and goes upstairs to work, or tries to work on a laptop in the living room with everyone else around.  I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work well at all.