The quick life recap

New Year’s Eve was quiet.  I contracted some version of a stomach bug and put myself on the couch for 2 days.  Still got it but thanks to modern medicine, I’ve alleviated the symptoms and have been working since the 2nd!

I asked a few of you by e-mail about the online experts you follow.  I’m looking for role models to emulate in creating my own online marketing efforts.  Here’s the list I ended up with:

One set of people have worked so hard on their positions that they are undeniably the best in their field.  Their influence extends far, and they move opinion when they speak.  I labeled them ‘forces of nature’:

  • Seth Godin: online marketer and force of nature
  • Violet Blue: sex-positive blogger, columnist, editor, also a force of nature
  • Paul Kedrosky: VC, blogger, widely quoted financial analyst
  • Om Malik: tech writer, force of nature (my heart goes out to him, he just had a cardiac event)

Others are influential but haven’t found the secret sauce that catapults them farther.  They are still wildly successful with lots of readers.  They are what I would call the influencers:

Then there are the pundits. 

This is by no means a complete list, just what came to mind for I and a few of you when I asked about your role models for these sorts of online experts.  I tried to do a little deconstruction to see what made some of these forces of personality tick.  I pulled out some elements of their business into a small spreadsheet which I’ve published on Google docs so you can read it.

Some interesting things to note:

  • Some of the most influential experts I’ve identified post at least daily, some multiple times a day.
  • The top ones have four or five years under their belt.
  • They also have (or have had) a magazine column.
  • A book doesn’t hurt either.

Honestly, I expect the quality that makes them successful is a talent for insightful analysis, the ability to write well, and the commitment to churn out the content.  That and some luck doesn’t hurt.